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Pest Control Frequency: What’s Right For Me?

A lot of customers ask me how often they should have their home exterminated: monthly, every other month, quarterly or once a year? The truth is, every home is different and every homeowner’s tolerance level is different. Different homes have different issues; for instance, if you are seeing scorpions, major ant issues or spiders, you [...]

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Winter Showers Bring Spring Flowers…and Pests!

Spring is almost upon us. The changing of seasons means warmer weather, and it also means that bugs will be back pestering us inside and out. For those of you who may have tapered off on the pest control service or stopped all together during the winter, now is a great time to restart service. [...]

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Don’t Cut Corners When It Comes to Protecting Your Property From Pests!

The holidays are over, time to buckle down and concentrate on one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, SAVING MONEY! It’s freezing outside so I know what you’re thinking,   “I can save some money and cancel my pest control service during this time, it’s too cold outside for bugs anyhow.” With that being said and [...]

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Mosquito Season in the Valley: What You Can Do To Protect Your Home

Nearly everyone has likely encountered a mosquito over the last few months. Following the recent excessive rains and flooding in Arizona, mosquitoes have become a major concern in most parts of the Valley. It is almost impossible to go outside unprotected without being bitten. As a pest control provider, we are constantly asked for help [...]

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Termite Season is Here! Protect Your Home with a Younger Brothers Termite Warranty

If there's wood, termites will find it. In some regions, it's not a matter of if your home will have termites, but when. Every year termites cause $5 billion dollars in damage throughout the United States. Here’s what you need to know about your risk for termite damage and whether or not a warranty makes [...]

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Termite swarmers, is there anything we can do?

During the monsoon season we get numerous calls from people who have encountered a sudden swarm of termites. They may be on the patio, entry way or sometimes even inside the home. If they can't escape they will most likely die. Quite often you will only find dead insects or just the wings. Termite swarmers [...]

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Inside and Outside Pest Control Treatment, Should I do Both? Get the Answers.

One question pest control technicians continually get asked is “Do I need the inside of my home treated, or is outside sufficient?" The honest answer to that question is that there is no right answer to that question. So you may want to ask yourself the following: Q. Am I having an issue on the inside? A. If [...]

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Termite Pest Control: The Unsuspecting Foe

Your home is one of the largest and most important investments you will ever make. To give you some perspective, the current median price of a home in the Phoenix Metro area is around $150,000. When you’ve committed to an investment of that scale, you need to make sure you have adequate protection in the [...]

5 Pest Control Precautions to Keep the Critters Out

Keeping an Arizona home free from pests really isn’t too difficult. Self-initiated pest control efforts are great because they provide you with an opportunity to identify and treat any existing pest control problems before any serious infestation can occur. Pests will locate the cracks and holes on the home’s exterior and invade in search of [...]