Younger Brothers Companies continues to expand, meeting the needs and requests of builders and homeowners alike through innovative and aesthetically pleasing measures.  The newest addition to the Younger Brothers Companies lineup brings choices for flooring and other hard surfaces through coating applications.

Among the products offered will be a multitude of solid color epoxies for your garage floors, patios, driveways and outdoor areas.  Paint chip systems in various sizes and colors can be added to take your epoxy to another level of appearance and texture in any of these areas creating beautiful work and play areas.

Also, our newest and very impressive Metallic Epoxy line is making its debut that can be done in any of your standard areas mentioned above, but also as a hard surface flooring alternative to tile, hardwood floors, countertops and more.  This product has a wide range of colors and a gorgeous overall look with a three dimensional effect.  As a viable replacement for other hard surfaces, this product will also be effective financially coming in at much less per square foot than those other choices.

Our team has been hard at work developing and working with these products under one of the other Younger Brothers Company’s for several years and brings a combined experience with these products, installation and warranties of over 65 years.  Moving this product line into its own standalone company allows us to grow it in a manner that will continue to expand and cover additional requests for hard surface coatings that bring color and style to your living areas both interior and exterior.

Officially taking flight this summer, we look forward to bringing you many choices in these areas that beautify and protect your hard surfaces in your home or business.

Written by Chad Collier, Younger Brothers Concrete Division