A lot of customers ask me how often they should have their home exterminated: monthly, every other month, quarterly or once a year? The truth is, every home is different and every homeowner’s tolerance level is different.

Different homes have different issues; for instance, if you are seeing scorpions, major ant issues or spiders, you may want to start with a monthly  service, at least until everything is under control. Once you have built a barrier around the property you can always switch to a less frequent service, such as a every other month or quarterly.

Another factor that may affect your decision is the environment surrounding your home. For instance, if your home is located near a wash or backs up to raw desert, your home may be more susceptible to scorpions, spiders or even snakes. This may be a reason for choosing a monthly service over one less frequent.

Your tolerance level might also play a part in the decision. Some people don’t mind seeing an occasional scorpion or spider, and then there are those that don’t want to see anything ─ not even a cricket or earwig, aka “pincher bug.”

Honestly, there isn’t a right answer ─ it’s up to you. The great thing is that here at Younger Brothers, you are able to switch up your program at any time. If for any reason you’d like to make changes to your current extermination service, just let us know.

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