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2013 Construction Industry Outlook and Reflection

State of the Industry Construction lays the foundation for the success of almost all business. When the construction industry is healthy and prosperous, it has a notable effect on job growth. When one construction job finishes, additional employment opportunities are seemingly created out of thin air. Because of this, the construction industry has a profound [...]

Some Useful Replacement Window Tips

Quality, replacement windows not only save homeowners money by reducing energy consumption, they also increase the value of the home itself. We’re not just talking about monetary value here, either; highly energy efficient windows mean that residents enjoy a greater level of comfort. Noise is also reduced and condensation is less of an issue.   [...]

Building Materials for your Summer Canopy in Phoenix

Summertime in the valley can be unpleasant for those unaccustomed to Arizona living. Three months from now the daily temperature in Phoenix is going to peak well above 100 degrees. The brutal heat tends to turn even the more outdoorsy types into vampires for three months as people scatter to the nearest water misters and [...]

Having a Hard Time Picking Out Your Hardware? Here are 4 Tips to Give you a Hand

Beautiful doors without the right hardware are like delicious hot fudge sundaes without a cherry on top; it will still look good, but something is definitely missing and the viewer is left wanting. Perfection is always in the details. The right or wrong hardware in a design can make or break a project. Right now, [...]

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