Spring is almost upon us. The changing of seasons means warmer weather, and it also means that bugs will be back pestering us inside and out. For those of you who may have tapered off on the pest control service or stopped all together during the winter, now is a great time to restart service. Starting a pest control program now is a great way to ensure your home will have an established barrier protecting it during the summer months.

Pests become more active in the spring because night time temperatures increase. Many insects also begin their reproductive cycles in the spring. More bugs in and around your home attract scorpions and spiders, which means these hunters start to rear their ugly selves right as it starts to warm up.

Another pest you may start to see around your home in the spring are bees. Spring is when Africanized bees swarm the most, looking for a place to nest. If you notice a swarm of bees around your home, call a professional because a bee swarm can be very dangerous if disturbed.

Because we had a mild winter this year and temperatures have already soared above 80 degrees, the bugs will be back before you know it. Call Younger Brothers Exterminating today to re-start your service or to establish a new service.

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