Over the last 40 years, Younger Brothers Companies has committed to annually giving back to the community; but it appears we outdid ourselves this last month.

For “Christmas in July,” and our yearly community event, Younger Brothers started a water drive competition on the main campus. Split into teams, the office was challenged to collect at least 1,000 cases of water for those in need. For some friendly competition, a pizza party was offered to the team that collected the largest amount of water.

What happened next was both unbelievable and inspiring.


Water, Water Everywhere!

Employees tapped vendors, builders, and even some customers, who generously sent over

U-Hauls, trailers, and truck loads of water donations. We even made multiple trips to the store for pallet loads.

We collected 3,530 cases, which was equivalent to 108,536 thousand bottles of water.


KNIX and Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Avondale

As collections continued to grow at our office, we realized 102.5 KNIX and Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Avondale were in the middle of their own water drive, with donations benefitting St. Vincent de Paul so we decided to join in on their efforts.

They were overwhelmed by how much water was collected on our campus.

Barrel Boy from KNIX 102.5 and Larry H. Miller made an appearance at our office and showcased some of their newest and best Jeep Series. The events were all recorded live on their Facebook feed and announced on the radio.


Record-Breaking Donations


Altogether, our teams sent 46 pallets of water to St. Vincent de Paul, their single largest contribution in their 70 years.

It took two 48’ enclosed semi-trailers and a box truck to load all the water.


22 pallets of water were donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank, which equaled over 1,200 cases of water—their single largest contribution as well.

Imagine, a full semi-trailer packed with cases of water. In fact, a few pallets had to be compacted due to the abundance of the donation.


That’s One Way to Celebrate 40 Years!

While this is Younger Brothers Construction’s 40th year in business, and many of our companies (see annually partake in charitable events in our communities, this one went above our expectations. The main campus went water-crazy! We didn’t expect the turn out we received and especially not for pizza…

We are grateful to our employees, our partners and everyone who helped raise all of this water for their willingness to take this on and make it a great success for our community!