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Like all the companies in the Younger Brothers family, Pest Control was born out of necessity. Prior to launching the company in 2003, we recognized the need for a pest control company that does things differently, one that trades on the same values that have made Younger Brothers one of Arizona’s most trusted names since 1976.

We envisioned a Pest Control company that not only does the job effectively, but does it safely, economically, expeditiously and conscientiously.

“Our Family Taking Care Of Your Family”

Because Younger Brothers is a family, we never lose sight of the tremendous responsibility we have toward the families we serve. When you choose Younger Brothers Pest Control, you choose:

Customer Care

We know that all clients are unique, as are their living spaces and their pest issues. Our skilled technicians never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but have been trained to assess each new job with fresh eyes, taking nothing for granted and leaving no stone unturned.

Safety – We know your family’s well-being is paramount, and we hold your safety, and that of children and pets in particular, in the highest regard. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly explain the benefits and proper use practices of each treatment type and to eliminate the possibility of residual exposure through controlled application methods and, we offer eco-friendly products.

Expertise – We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and expertise in the most advanced tools, techniques and materials. Our technicians are the most highly trained and well-equipped in the business.

Versatility – No matter what your problem, we’ve got a solution. Our technicians are pros at tackling all types of creepy crawlies, including termites, scorpions, cockroaches, ants, and wasps.

Value – Younger Brothers Pest Control strives to build long-term relationships with clients, which is why our services are so competitively priced. Schedule a free consultation today to find out just how affordable life without pests can be and take advantage of our offer of 25% off your first service.

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Pest Control

Most of us appreciate the unique, diverse wildlife of our home state, as long as it stays outside. For those occasions you can count on our trained technicians at Younger Brothers to offer assessment and treatments tailor-made to your particular set of issues.

Termites (Post Construction)

As with many things in life, the best protection against termites is prevention. Arizona is a high-risk region for termites and most new homes are treated during the construction process (Younger Brothers pre-construction termite treatment). Pre and post warranties often differ. Currently most post-construction warranties included with a new home purchase is 3 years. So it is important that you know the date and type of your last treatment and keep up with the treatment.

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